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Labenne'en Bulles Art Festival

The Labenne'en Bulles art festival was a vibrant and dynamic event that brought together artists from various disciplines to showcase their talents and engage with the local community. The festival served as a platform for artists to exhibit their works, collaborate with one another, and interact with art enthusiasts. The festival (the first of many to come) was noted for the professionalism of everyone there, with a dedicated team of organisers ensuring that the event ran smoothly and that the artists received the support they needed. Being a part of this festival was an honor, as it provided me and my fellow artists with an amazing opportunity to showcase our skills and creativity in a professional and welcoming environment. Bring on next year !!

My SOLO Art Exhibition  ;) 

It's finally the year of my solo art exhibition.  From 12th - 16th December this year 2023.  

My art will be on display at 54 The Gallery in Central London, Shepherds Market.  

It's taken a few years to have the confidence to do this.  After loosing a lot of my sight in 2013 ten years ago, I didn't even know if I could still paint!

With much encouragement, re-training how i do things, tear, extreme lows with extreme highs I built up my confidence to where it is today.  Don't get me wrong I still have difficult days, but that's ok isn't it.  

I hope I can meet as many supporters as possible in December.  i'm excited to meet you and hear your stories too.

A 3D look at Available Prints!!

Here you can really see what an acrylic print under glass looks like or a fine art print on to Willian Turner paper, plus a print on to canvas with a gallery wrap! 

The gallery wrap simply means the canvas is wrapped around the frame as in the video. 

Visit the print store HERE and pick a category. Happy browsing. ;).

'Heady Days' 73cm x 92cm. Some of the Process 

This is some of how I painted Heady Days.  Not all of the process is in there as to be honest I forgot to video it! My bad. I was just so lost in the process.

She represents when you feel slightly out of control and your emotions are running high. You want to just forget about it all and head to a zen place in you head. A place to relax and zone out. How would you get there? It's for the viewer to connect with their own journey. 

You can see here in my gallery here x

Full Process Video  of 'Love Rosie' 

Here is ‘Love Rosie’ (the name inspired by my daughter). 

She’s symbolic of all those hidden emotions we keep to ourselves and how it’s better to share and talk in the open about certain things.   Love Rosie is a story of a shy person. How she is finding her feet.  Finding the courage to be who she wants to be. 

It’s ok to be different.  It’s what unites us.   Her beautiful colours are vibrant like she is learning to be and she is demanding our attention.   She is acrylic on canvas.  Signed and varnished with a beautiful high gloss finish.

Browse all of my prints here ;)

This is my latest work in progress.  

She’s slowly evolving. It’s a process I can’t rush.   The technique is an interesting one.  I keep the colours very limited. All the colours are then mixed from this restricted pallet. This harmonises the painting. I very rarely use black either.  Preferring to mix my darkest tones from Prussian Blue and Van Dyke Red.   

Watch this space and I shall share the next stage with you as soon as she’s at the next stage.   

Make sure you subscribed to my email list here to be the first to see and know everything. Plus, my VIP email list have first dibs on all my sales and discounts.   

The colours I’m using are: Cadium Red Van Dyke Red Prussian Blue Bright Aqua Green Yellow Oxide and tons of Titanian White

Full Painting Process

What a pleasure it is to share my painting process with you here.   If you haven’t seen this on Instagram or Facebook it’s a chance for you to see behind the scene.   

It takes me hours to mix the paints before I start.  This allows me to really get into the flow once the painting begins.    I use a ‘stawet’ pallet which consists of a plastic container, a sponge and paper.  The wet sponge lives under the special pallet paper and keeps the acrylic paint wet for days allowing more time with the mix.   I hope you enjoy watching me paint.  

Any questions you can contact me here.   I do accept commissions, so do come to me with your ideas   Happy days

Painted Print Proces

These limited edition painted prints of my original paintings are in-fact one off unique artworks. A hybrid between an original and a print. After printing and stretching on to it’s frame, I add a layer of texture and some paint on to the print itself adding movement and vibrancy to the print, making it original in it's own right. I then varnish and sign the artwork. This allows you to have an original for a much lower price. NB these prints are sent stretched on to the stretcher bars but Un-Framed. Please contact us here if you would like a floating frame quote. SHOP PAINTED PRINTS

Abi Jameson Interview 'Artist Up Close'

Abi Jameson is an award-winning contemporary artist. 

Her work, inspired by wisdom, inner strength and human connectivity, has been published and exhibited throughout Europe, and is due to exhibit in London in 2023. In 2013, Abi suffered a life-changing event. She lost sight in one eye and half the sight in other. Upon reflection, she describes this as the moment she lost her sight but gained her artistic passion. It is evident in her work how this changed the way she sees the world. Colours are brighter and more determined, and messages are stronger. They are a small insight into her world of patterns, random marks, merging foregrounds and backgrounds and missing information shown through the female form, dance and female portrait. 

What is your background and how did you start your journey in the art world? 

“My background training is actually in theater school, prop making, scenic painting and theater production. I loved art as a child and come from a creative family, but it wasn't until I fell in love and moved to France that I took up my brushes full time. My technique and style evolved over my first few years. I attended art classes in all mediums, history of art lessons and the Art school in Bayonne. After working relentlessly for a decade, I found my artistic identity.”

What inspires you most? 

“I am inspired by people, life, female beauty, and inner strength. Being partially sighted and unable to see faces and expressions easily, my portraits help me reconnect with people and with my inner happiness and positivity, which I had to rebuild when I lost a lot of my sight. I am also inspired and fascinated greatly by our differences and how we see. I like to think that our differences unite and connect us like the roots of a tree, hence the constant reappearance of nature in my art.”....

Read Full Interview Here

works in Progress

I wanted to share with you a little bit of why I paint and what drives me.

Being partially sighted, I cannot easily see people’s expressions or the beautiful lines of the female form.I gravitate towards these subjects to celebrate human connections and our differences that ultimately unite us.My art reconnects me to life and nature.Gives me energy and I hope gives the viewer some of what I put into each piece.I paint my pain, my joy, calm in the chaos. I celebrate beauty, wisdom, nature, connectivity and the unusual way I physically see the world, (but more of that another time :).It's an art journey that I hope you'll share and enjoy with me along the way.

Plus a random piece of trivia,  I'm obsessed with olives! hahaha it's true I have to have a tin of olives in my fridge!

A time to find my inner strength

Welcome to my first ever art blog on my brand new art gallery website!!

finding peace 

Sometimes life can get us down and send us unexpected chaos that we think we are not fully equipped to deal with.

I trully believe however, that we all have an inner strength that we can tap into in times of need.

I have met and shared stories with many people suffering lifes extremes, whilst I was having treatment myself many years ago, and stayed in touch with these inspirational people.

.  People no differnet from us, except they were forced to connect with their inner strength, forced to ask for help from thier loved ones and forced to focus on what really life.

 Which usually turns to be health, family and friends. Although we are all unique, many things like this bond us together in my opinion.

This particular artwork 'Calm Strength'is inspired (as much of my art is!!) by this inner strength and our unique-ness (which is ultimatley what unites us all.)  Her vibrant colours symbolise hope, positivity and energy. She started life as a sketch in ink then as an acrylic painting on canvas.  She was a real labour of love.  The original is in a gallery, so please contact me here if you would like to know her availabilty.

Very soon she will be available as a painted print, so please do send me a message here if you would like to know more about this proces.

It's been a pleasure to share this with you !! x Stay safe, stay strong and my mantra which really helps me, is don't be afraid to fail xxx

Abi Jameson

my paris exhibition

Yellow burst
Shop Prints
Shop Prints
Shop Prints
Blue Portrait

My Paris exhibition has come to a close this week.  I feel I learned a few lessons with this experience during the pandemic. 

 Firstly, how important it is to embrace the unknown. 

 This was my first ever exhibition in Paris (scary!!), which I’m extremely proud to have excepted and been a part of.  We’ve also created a good working relationship with the Gallery and  because of this leap into the unknown I can look forward to exhibiting there in the future.    

I have learnt however that an exhibition during the pandemic has major drawbacks!!   

 So obvious in hindsight,  but there was no opening night and very little passing trade.!   

 I hadn’t fully appreciated when I I signed the contract in July 2020 (for an exhibition in December) how long the pandemic would last.  Plus (and this was a really hard pill to swallow), I couldn’t even attend due to the new strain of COVID that hit Paris the week I was due to travel there!!   

 Such a shame, but I made fantastic artworld contacts and look forward to a future exhibition at the most beautiful Galerie Sonia Monti, in Paris, where we can mingle and socialise, pandemic free!! 

Stay safe and please do contact me here if you would like to know more about my art.

By Abi Jameson

Hommage to Audrey

Brighten your space with an Audrey Hepburn


What can I say that hasn't been said before about Audrey Hepburn.  Not much, but here is my tribute.  

To me she stood for beauty, composure, dignity, talent, intellegence, kindness and style.  She has so many fans globally still to this day, which is a testament I believe, to how much she gave back, espicially with her UNICEF work.  

I admire her greatly and would be happy with a meer fraction of her achievements.  

Much of my art is centered around inner-strength and positivity, which I believe Aurdrey had in abundance.  So here is my tribute to her.  Mixed media on canvas, with many print options too. 

It may well be the first of many.original paintings of her and other film stars I admire. Who know where this will lead!!

  I do love to start of an artistic journey!

Please do let me know if you are an Audrey fan, or if you love any other icons from the this golden ira.  

I would really love to know who still captures your heart?

Abi Jameson

My painted prints explained 😁

(Version Français à le fin) 

Good Morning (if indeed it’s morning when you are reading this!!) or simply hello if not 😁

I have had a few enquiries about my painted prints this week, with people wondering what they are exactly.

So to explain, they are in-fact my most popular form of limited edition prints, for the simple reason that they are all originals in their own right.

I absolutely love creating them and bringing the print to life.

I add a layer of paint on to the canvas or wood print itself, giving i her texture, and vibrancy and making her original in her own right.I then sign and varnish her, making the colours sing!!This allows collectors to have an original for a much lower price!!(They are all sent with a certificate of authenticity too.) 

I have a couple of sizes on the website available, but you can always reply to me here if you would like a different size 😊 All of my art is available as a painted print, so please get in touch with me here if your image isn’t available yet, or if you have another art idea to discuss. 


Have a gorgeous weekend whatever you are up to!! The sun is shining and I’m off to work on my painted print orders!!! 

Talk to you next week 

All the best

Shop painted prints 

Abi Jameson

Painted Print complete

Meditate - Calm Within the Chaos painted Print

73 cm x 100 cm y.

Meditate-painted print

Happy in her new home!!

This collector added a beautiful frame to her print


Version Français 

Bonjour 😁

J'ai eu quelques demandes de renseignements sur mes tirages peints cette semaine, les gens se demandant ce qu'ils sont exactement.

Donc, pour expliquer, ce sont en fait ma forme la plus populaire de tirages en édition limitée, pour la simple raison qu'ils sont tous des originaux à part entière !!

J'adore les créer et donner vie à l'impression !!!

J'ajoute une couche de peinture sur la toile ou l'impression sur bois elle-même, lui donnant sa texture et son dynamisme et la rendant originale à part entière.Je la signe et la vernis ensuite, faisant chanter les couleurs.

Cela permet aux collectionneurs d'avoir un original pour un prix bien inférieur !!(Ils sont tous également envoyés avec un certificat d'authenticité.)J'ai plusieurs tailles disponibles sur le site Web, mais vous pouvez toujours me répondre ici si vous souhaitez une taille différente 😊

Tout mon art est disponible sous forme de tirage peint. 

Veuillez donc me contacter ici si votre image n'est pas encore disponible ou si vous avez une autre idée d'art à discuter.Voila !!Passez un week-end magnifique, quoi que vous fassiez !!Le soleil brille et je pars travailler sur mes commandes d’impressions peintes !!!Je vous parlez la semaine prochaineTous mes vœux

Shop painted prints

Abi Jameson


NFTs Explained

I minted my first ever NFT this week, so I'm eager to explain them to you! To see my new animated work of art click here

   What is an NFT? Read this article written by Instagram’s nft_ninja 

 “NFT stands for non-fungible token. In economics, a fungible asset is something with units that can be readily interchanged - like money. With money, you can swap a £10 note for two £5 notes and it will have the same value. However, if something is non-fungible, this is impossible - it means it has unique properties so it cannot be interchanged with something else. It could be a house, or a painting such as the Mona Lisa, which is one of a kind. 

You can take a photo of the painting or buy a print but there will only ever be the one original painting. NFTs are "one-of-a-kind" assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property, but they have no tangible form of their own. 

 The digital tokens can be thought of as certificates of ownership for virtual or physical assets. 

 How do NFTs work? 

Traditional works of art such as paintings are valuable because they are one of a kind. But digital files can be easily and endlessly duplicated. With NFTs, artwork can be "tokenised" to create a digital certificate of ownership that can be bought and sold. 

 Media caption: "Will digital-only trading cards replace physical ones?"

 As with crypto-currency, a record of who owns what is stored on a shared ledger known as the blockchain. The records cannot be forged because the ledger is maintained by thousands of computers around the world. 

 NFTs can also contain smart contracts that may give the artist, for example, a cut of any future sale of the token”   

 Thanks nft_ningas ! you can follow them on instagram here.      

To see my new NFT click here   


Creativity Needs to To Be Adjudicated?

What a debate we had this week !

It’s been a funny two weeks, with highs and lows.One high was I co-hosted a table on Platform 7 Discussions (an internet event) with a dear friend (also called Abi), who I’ve recently reconnected with. This was fabulous, with some fairly intense debates regarding creativity and what drives this urge, actual artistic talent, and how subjective all of these areas are,

One person claimed that you are not truly creative and pushing new boundaries and ideas unless seen and judged by others, who could en masse determine its originality and there it's true creativity.While others countered that one can be in complete isolation and be 100% creative and original without any need of outside adjudication .  

Very interestingI personally fell into the latter and that we all have creativity in us that needs exploring in many different forms. If tt’s original to you then your creativity is intact no matter is some other thought of it too.  I think my debater were confusing creativity with inventions and steering more towards the sciences rather that arts.

Here' are some simple lines inks for you to muse over (I wonder if someone somewhere has drawn the same thing !?

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